Chlod Aidan Alejandro

college student. programmer. wikipedian. content creator. full stack software developer. harbinger of code spaghetti.

Hi! I'm Chlod, and I'm a freelance software developer working on a bunch of (mostly) random projects on the internet. I currently live my real life as a college student, expected to graduate sometime in 2026. I mostly work on my own projects, but I also volunteer in developing a few team projects about things I'm interested in.

You may know me from my work on RedWarn and Ultraviolet, counter-vandalism user scripts for Wikipedia, or from my Wikipedia contributions in general. You may also know me from my other projects, most of which are openly-sourced and available online on GitHub.

More about me


I mostly work in the field of computer science and software development. I've been developing since my early childhood (8 years old), and I've never stopped since. I've also been operating Debian servers ever since 13, and I've been operating a public-facing VPS (the one you're likely viewing this website on) since 15.

I mostly work with JavaScript, both in-browser and in the backend using Node.js. Aside from that, I'm very familiar with HTML and CSS as well. When it comes to extremely low-level (or memory-conservative) processes, I usually rely on C++ or C# (if I'm able to use the .NET core). To those looking for Rust: I'm planning to learn it soon; give me a bit.

I'm a big fan of modern design paradigms that make websites look good. That said, I'm highly into UI/UX development as well, and I'm very supportive of accessibility considerations with websites like these. I'm also highly interested in the fields of machine learning, encryption, data security, information management, and optimization. I also occasionally dabble in 3D modelling, game development, and penetration testing. I'm a huge proponent of open-source software, and publish most of my projects under free licenses.

I spend most of my off-time online work on Wikipedia, where I help make tools, develop templates, write tropical cyclone articles, maintain archives, and perform other background work. I also help develop tools for users for them to perform their tasks much easier. I'm part of WikiProjects Tropical cyclones and Copyright Cleanup.


My music library consists of video game and anime soundtracks, J-pop, vocaloid songs, violin and piano duets, and OPM. I'm a big anime and manga consumer — particularly those in the romance genre — and I occasionally help with translation. I've been studying Japanese for at least two years (but still haven't taken the JLPT) and I'm good enough to understand proper grammar. My vocabulary is still lacking though. Aside from Japanese, I speak fluent Filipino (and Tagalog).


When I'm not agonizing over buggy software, I agonize over school instead. I graduated from the Philippine Science High School on June 13, 2022, and now I'm currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering degree at Mapúa University.

I developed two software projects for my Research subject in PSHS during my time as a student: an automatic diagnosis-like app for notifiable diseases (aimed towards community health workers than doctors), and an end-to-end verifiable election system (which my campus now uses for elections). I was also responsible for handling the websites for the school newspaper, The Pisay Explorer, and its Voyager project. I've got the slickest grades in Computer Science but terrible grades in other subjects; don't ask why.