Chlod Aidan Alejandro

high school student. programmer. wikipedian. content creator. harbinger of code spaghetti.

So what exactly do I do?

I make open-source software for everyone to use. I host them publicly on GitHub, and I post links to my work on Twitter. I also make YouTube sketches, short scripts and essays, and I (used to) debate. I'm also a counter-vandalism slave on Wikipedia.

Software? Like the thing?

Yes. Exactly like the thing. This, right here? Software. Google Chrome? Software. Firefox? Software. Trivago? Also software. I write things like these (but I haven't wrote any part of the aforementioned, except this website.) From the ground up. No generators or tutorials or Squarespace builder. Just me and an HTML editor.

And what exactly have you contributed?

Something. You can see all my public repositories on my GitHub page. Otherwise, you can visit my portfolio for a full list of things I've done.

What do you do outside of coding?

I cry whenever I think how lonely my life is. I'm also studying Japanese at the moment. When I'm not busy, I do counter-vandalism and article writing on Wikipedia.

What are you most known for?


Do you drink coffee?

At this point, coffee no longer has an effect on my body.


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