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A collection of my past and current works (be it group projects or personal ones), events, and affiliations. Smaller projects (and pet projects) aren't included here.

Ralsei Bot logo

Ralsei Bot

November 2018 – present

The Ralsei Bot is a Discord bot initially made in 2018 shortly after the release of Deltarune. Initially a small pet project, it is now used by over 7,000 Discord servers. This was my first Discord bot and my first JavaScript project, with the original code having been written entirely in vanilla JavaScript. It has since been rewritten in TypeScript (as my first project to ever be written in TypeScript) and has been under significant optimization to orchestrate the bot's performance on all of the servers it is a member of.

The bot exists with the help of Demirramon's Undertale Text Box Generator. "Ralsei" is an original character created by Toby Fox.

Hourglass logo


January 2020 – present

The Hourglass server is a self-managed (but not self-hosted) virtual private server that contains nearly all of my existing (non-Wikipedia) projects. It's used for most of my day-to-day operations, and for services that can be found on my website. It's also used for testing projects, proxying connections to and from my computer, and for hosting my website.

Most of my experience in system administration, Linux system management, and continuous deployment come from operating Hourglass.

RedWarn logo


as Member, later Assistant Team Lead and eventually Team Lead
May 2020 – present

RedWarn is a Wikipedia counter-vandalism tool initially made in April 2020, meant to be an alternative to the existing counter-vandalism tools which were first developed for Wikipedia in the early 2000s. It is currently used by hundreds of Wikipedia editors for counter-vandalism and vandalism patrolling. RedWarn is maintained by a team of volunteers.

The RedWarn team gave a speech about the project at Wikimania 2021, which was followed by a consultation with a few editors in the Wikimedia space. RedWarn was rebranded in February 2022 as Ultraviolet after a full rewrite of its source code.

PAGASA Parser logo


May 2020 – present

The PAGASA Parser was first developed as a way to programmatically generate tropical cyclone wind signal tables on Wikipedia for active tropical cyclones threatening the Philippines. It has since been rewritten and expanded to parse out any recent Tropical Cyclone Bulletin data and export all of those into a JSON format. The PAGASA Parser is now composed of multiple packages and a web interface for processing data.

JTWC Archiver logo

JTWC Archiver

September 2020 – present

The JTWC Archiver was made to resolve the ephemeral existence of Joint Typhoon Warning Center advisories, and make them available under a reliable archive which runs periodically without the need for human intervention. The archiver has since been used on numerous Wikipedia pages as a reference for JTWC products. For redundancy, the advisories are backed up one more time on the Internet Archive every year.

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October 2020 – June 2021

The PIDSR Check app was a Flutter application which aimed to assist barangay health workers in identifying if specific symptoms fit into categories of notifiable diseases as indicated by the Philippine Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response Manual of Procedures. The project was dropped following the conclusion of S.Y. 2021–2022, where my research project switched from this app to PiliPisay (found below).

The Pisay Explorer logo

The Pisay Explorer

as Systems Administrator
March 2021 – May 2022

The Pisay Explorer is the Philippine Science High School – Cagayan Valley Campus' school publication in English. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, articles were published online instead of through newsletters. The Pisay Explorer released one set of articles before going on hiatus until the release of Kinaadman, the joint English and Filipino publication of the school. The website is now inaccessible as its domain has expired.

Wikimania 2021 logo

Wikimania 2021

August 2021

Wikimania 2021 is the first fully-online version of the annual Wikimania conference, a conference for the Wikimedia movement, its editors, and its participants. I gave a lecture about RedWarn and modern counter vandalism tools along with RedWarn's original author to a live online audience.

Zoomiebot logo


November 2021 – present

Zoomiebot is a Wikipedia bot used for performing mundane tasks on Wikipedia, all of which currently do not require approval from the English Wikipedia Bot Approvals Group. Part of its tasks include automatically archiving all PAGASA bulletins and keeping track of all WikiProject Tropical cyclones articles, drafts, and project pages.

PiliPisay logo


December 2021 – present

PiliPisay (working name "Caster") is an end-to-end verifiable election system which uses Microsoft's ElectionGuard for ballot encryption, decryption, and tallying. It was initially developed as a replacement for existing methods of elections which either compromised security or voter trust. It is built for small-scale internet-based elections, primarily the Philippine Science High School – Cagayan Valley Campus Supreme Student Government (SSG) Elections, which switched to remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ultraviolet logo


as Team Lead and Development Head
February 2022 – present

Ultraviolet is a TypeScript rewrite of RedWarn rebuilt from scratch. It aims to resolve the problems of the original RedWarn script and extend beyond its original capabilities. It is currently maintained by a team of 8 volunteers, with myself as the current project lead.

Deputy logo


May 2022 – present

Deputy is a contributor copyright investigation and copyright cleanup assistance tool for Wikipedia. The first of its kind, Deputy is used by copyright cleanup editors to streamline the process of investigating and reporting copyright violations on the wiki. Deputy was the subject of a Wikimedia Foundation Rapid Grant and I was provided a one-time fund of US$2,000 for its initial development.

wikimedia-streams logo


May 2023 – present

wikimedia-streams is a JavaScript library that connects to the Wikimedia Foundation's Event Platform to receive real-time changes from every wiki on their infrastructure. It can receive recent changes, page creations and deletions, bad-faith scoring of live edits using ORES, and more, either in real-time or from a few hours to days earlier. The library is written in TypeScript and comes with event typings for each supported stream. The library was first released in June 2021, and received its v1.0 release in May 2023.

Wikimania 2023 logo

Wikimania 2023

Speaker, Scholar
August 16–19, 2023

Wikimania 2023 was the return of in-person Wikimania conferences. It was held in Singapore at the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre. I gave a lecture about Deputy's development, participated in the Wikimania Hackathon, advocated for more resources in copyright cleanup tooling, and met up with hundreds of Wikimedians, both from around the world and fellow editors from the East, Southeast Asia and the Pacific region. My travel was fully funded by the Wikimedia Foundation, as a scholarship recipient.

Google Developer Student Clubs – Mapúa Manila logo

Google Developer Student Clubs – Mapúa Manila

as Technical Committee Member
September 2023 – present

Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) are university-based community groups for students interested in technology. GDSC – Mapúa is the Mapúa University chapter of GDSC, established in 2023. It is recognized by the Mapúa Council of Organizations, and accepts students from different majors. I am part of its first batch of members, and currently serve as a technical committee member.

Wikimedia Hackathon logo with '2024' text below

Wikimedia Hackathon 2024

May 3–5, 2024

Wikimedia Hackathon 2024 is the 2024 iteration of the annual Wikimedia Hackathon, where developers of MediaWiki extensions, tools, and gadgets convene to build something over a few days. This year's iteration was held in Tallinn, Estonia. I worked primarily on the MediaWiki Nuke extension, which allows mass deletion of pages. My travel was fully funded by the Wikimedia Foundation, as a scholarship recipient.

ESEAP Conference 2024 logo

ESEAP Conference 2024

May 10–12, 2024

The ESEAP Conference is a regional conference aimed at strengthening collaboration between Wikimedians in the East, Southeast Asia and the Pacific region. Its 2024 iteration was in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. At the conference, I learned invaluable information about the inner workings of the ESEAP Hub, its community, its user groups, and of course, its editors. I got to connect with other Filipino editors who I usually don't see in the Philippines, along with many other editors in the region. My travel was fully funded by the Wikimedia Foundation, through Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia, as a scholarship recipient.

and for my upcoming future endeavors...
Wikimania 2024 icon

Wikimania 2024

August 7–10, 2024

Wikimania 2024 is the 2024 iteration of the annual Wikimania conference. It will be held in Katowice, Poland. My travel is fully funded by the Wikimedia Foundation, as a scholarship recipient.

and more to come (hopefully!)