Contact information in case you need it.

For any Wikipedia-related matters, please make your message on my talk page. For any school-related matters, please use my school email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. For any other matters, especially those pertaining the operation of this website, you may send an email to or message me through whatever channel is convenient for you. Encrypted messages or emails are welcome; you can find my PGP keys on the Ubuntu Keyserver or on my website.

If you plan to message me through Discord or other social media, give me a heads up on your intent before sending a friend/message request, or you might be promptly blocked.

I do not have a P.O. box nor do I intend to open one. I also do not have a publicly-available phone or landline number. I did get my phone number changed in 2022. Feel free to send me a message if you only have my old number (ends in 8). For the duration of college, I'm staying in Metro Manila, which is different from my usual mailing address. Feel free to ask me for my current address should you wish to send me a letter.