The man behind the name "Chlod Alejandro", Chlod Alejandro (yes, that's my real name)

About me?

My name is Chlod Aidan Alejandro. I'm a high school student, and a self-taught software developer.

Development History

I learned basic development on HTML and CSS, and picked up on it rather quickly. Up to now, HTML and CSS remain my strongest allies, alongside with JavaScript, which I picked up much later. This was my first real introduction to basic coding.

A few months after this, I took up basic scripting with Scratch in 4th grade, at the age of 9. To this day, you can still access my old Scratch projects that I backed up on Scratch's website.

A year later, I wanted to take up programming based on text, instead of the GUI-based scripting that Scratch provided. I was introduced to C++, but I found it rather difficult to take up. So I went with Java and slowly learned it alongside tutorials detailing Minecraft mod development. I went on to make and publish one mod, then never finished another mod again.

And there started my long history of development. I picked up PHP, and started developing using PHP as early as 2017. This is when I also made my first Android app, the MentionChlod app, which would anonymously mention my Twitter account using its interface.

I had a lot of experience with using the Twitter API, and it was my strongest point in 2017 to 2018. The Twitter API was simply interesting because it had so much power and I had to do barely any of the work. I made an unfollow detector, a Twitter profile information app, and other tools that helped me understand how APIs worked.

I used to solely use Java for a long time, until I picked up C# in 2017, alongside with C++, since it was required in school. On November of 2018, I started learning JavaScript while picking up Discord.js in order to develop Ralsei Bot, my first Discord Bot and my first experience deploying to a large-scale userbase. Around the same time, I learned a minimal amount of R for our statistics course. A ton of JavaScript later, I was introduced to TypeScript while rewriting the Ralsei Bot.

As of now, I know a total of 13 languages. In order of first use, they are: (2013) Batch, (2014) HTML, CSS, Scratch, (2015) C++, Java, (2017) C#, PHP, SQL, (2018) JavaScript, Regular Expressions, R, (2019) Dart, (2020) TypeScript, and (2021) Lua. As of now, I still plan to learn more languages than I know now, and with the best proficiency I can achieve. Learning a lot of languages doesn't matter if you're not good at them, anyway.

I've only ever competed in a single programming competition — of which I did not submit anything as it was much harder than I anticipated.

Future Plans

I'm planning to head for a software engineering course after I graduate high school. After that, I don't have any plans. I'll probably work for a bit, earn some money, teach at some high school or something, and then get isekai'd.

I had some short-lived plans of making sketches on YouTube, but I'm extremely shy and introverted, which prevents me from doing so.

About the Website

The only thing I wanted to say about this website: All photos in the backgrounds are either taken by me or are screenshots of my work.